Quartz Big Bag Super Sack Baffle From top View



Body Construction
4 Side + base construction,Vertical seams along the edges,Woven inner panels / Net construction inner panels
Lift Style
4 Corner loops,Optional stevedore slings for easy lifting
Flat woven,Circular woven
Other Technical Features
Coating :Outside,Inside with adhesive tapes
Class: Single Trip, Multi Trip
Test WL: 2,500 kgs - 11,000 kgs
UN Certification Available : Available
Liner Not applicable
Dustproof / Super dustproof seams
Industrial / Food Grade / Pharma grade productions
Type B / Type C / Type D versions
Remote discharging option for hazardous materials
Interated slipsheet at the bottom / Lifting holes for palletless use
Big Bags with filling and discharge spouts
Spouts with iris closure / Petal closure / B-Lock / Fix-lock / E-Knot
Colored fabrics
Up to 6 color printing
Advantages of Baffle Big Bag
Keeeps the form uncanged after filling
Prevents bulging
Improved payload by 25%
Less transportation, storage and handling costs
Improved stability
Improved safe stackability
Customer and Environment friendly packaging