Gambo Big Bag



The Gambo Big Bag are an advanced type of BigBag, specially designed to protect the productsbeing transported in the best manner possible, against moisture, dust and accumulation of static electricity and contamination. Furthermore these BigBag are produced using very accurate technical procedures that make them totally sift proof, even for very fine powders. The Gambo BigBag also allows you to transport far more products than a conventional Big Bag, ensuring higher economy during loading, transportation, discharging and storage.When filled the Gambo Big Bag maintains its rectangular or square shape.The regular FIBC becomes cylindrical in shape after filling. For this reason the Gambo patented Bag is able to utilise optimum container space.It is possible to transport and stock 16 - 23% more product with a GAMBO Big Bag when compared with a standard Big Bag ..
Technical Features
Body Construction
U Body,Woven inner panels / Net construction inner panels
Lift Style
4 Corner loops,Optional stevedore slings for easy lifting
Flat woven
Other Technical Features
Coating :Outside,Inside with adhesive tapes
Class: Single Trip, Multi Trip
Test WL: 2,500 kgs - 12,000 kgs
UN Certification Available : Available
Liner Gambo / Skirt in Liner
Options for Special inquires
Dustproof / Super dustproof seams
Industrial / Food Grade / Pharma grade productions
Type B / Type C / Type D versions
Remote discharging option for hazardous materials
Interated slipsheet at the bottom / Lifting holes for palletless use
Big Bags with filling and discharge spouts
Spouts with iris closure / Petal closure / B-Lock / Fix-lock / E-Knot
Colored fabrics
Up to 6 color printing
Ventilated version for potato packaging
Advantages of Gambo Big Bag
Keeeps the form uncanged after filling
Prevents bulging
Ensures maximum payload for transportation
Less transportation, storage and handling costs
Improved stability
Improved safe stackability
Customer and Environment friendly packaging