Clean Room Big Bag



     Isbir Sentetik is fully aware of the necessity of an effective hygiene policy to satisfy the requirements of companies involved in the Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sectors. Our food grade Big Bag are manufactured from 100% polypropylene and where applicable, are supplied with LDPE/LLDPE inner liners approved by the food and pharmaceutical industry. These FIBC are produced in a Clean Room commissioned to the highest hygiene standards. The high-tech equipment installed ensures that Jumbo Bag produced satisfy our customers highest demands. We have Ultrasonic cutting equipment to prevent loose thread contamination, sewing machines fitted with heat-sealing cutting units and vacuum systems to prevent loose thread contamination, and metal detection equipments. The quality process control consists of three steps; material inspection and testing, process inspection and testing, and final quality control. In the last stage of the production process, and prior to palletizing, each and every Big Bag is inspected by the quality control staff to ensure that all features comply with the customer"s specifications. Our employees and suppliers have been trained to understand and to work according to the food grade Big Bag. All employees receive documented training on hygienic standards of processing the food grade Big Bag. We are continuously upgrading our production facility to achieve the highest standards for the food grade Big Bag

Food Grade Big Bag

All Our FIBCs models can be manufactured as Food Grade Big Bags on request.
The raw materials, films and fabrics used in production of Food Grade FIBCs are approved by relevant authorities. Metal detection and extra cleaning processes are applied to such FIBCs in order to prevent foreign particles in the bag. Loose threads and tapes, excess lamination parts are prevented from being inside the FIBC. All the foldings, hot or cold cut parts of fabrics are outside the FIBCs.