Isbir Your Strong Big Bag Partner


Isbir Your Strong Big Bag Partner

Established firm - Since 1968, Solid financial structure - Holding ownership, and management, High output - Capacity of more than 50,000 pieces daily, Leader in quantity and quality, Turnover of ? 110,000,000,Two totally integrated plants guaranteeing production even in force major cases, Totally vertical integrated operation including hygienic production.

Excellent Big Bag Product

Excellent Big Bag Product Working with state-of-the-art machines and automated technology providing stable quality. Experience by serving the most demanding clients in the world.Extensive list of reference in all industries specially in Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Food.Continuous inventions of better manufacturing techniques to improve production Carefully created procedures in place to assure contamination free Big Bags Many sophisticated in-house test stations including antistatic tests.HACCP certified for food grade production. Other certifications like ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 22000 and etc.100% traceability of products and ingredients. Extensive use of computers at all processes

Superior Service

Big Bag Manufacturer Immediate response to offer, order and sample requests,No limitations in order quantities,Short lead times, Excellent performance capabilities in "emergency" situations,Local representation either by our own firms or our partners, Global existence to allow single-source of supply for international companies,Serious and timely approach to problem situations and complaints

Solid Future

Always investing in the latest technology machinery,Young and ambitious team for a long term partnership, Bringing innovations and new packaging ideas in to life,Cost cutting futuristic win-win programs with customers, Order tracking and stock management through e-business.